Sports injuries

SOCCERIf you’re involved in sport, or just watching, you should be as safe as can be.

Some sports are more dangerous than others but when accidents occur there are times when an injury is preventable and shouldn’t happen.

Any injuries that occurs from dangerous or reckless behaviour of other sports players or injury caused through the negligence or inadequate supervision from a referee or instructor may be reasons for bringing a claim.

However injury that isn’t preventable or part of the sport won’t be.

Other valid claims might include those injuries caused by faulty equipment or a hazard on any sporting field, tennis court or pool.

Spectators might be able to claim for injuries caused by, say, slipping on wet floors, inadequate seating or lighting.

If you’ve suffered an injury through no fault of your own please get in touch or complete our Online Enquiry Form and we will call you back to see how we can help.