The Claims Process

The first thing that we will do is gather as much information from you about your accident as we can.

The initial steps of the claim can be summarised as follows:

When we have enough information we then have to submit your claim to the person or organisation at fault setting out the circumstances and the reasons why they are to blame with reference to any laws.

There are different time limits for different types of claim but, generally speaking, your opponent has 3-4 months in order to investigate your claim and reach a decision.

So at the end of this process your opponent can accept that they are at fault or refuse to accept any blame for your accident. If they refuse to accept blame then they have to provide full reasons why and also provide access to any of the documents relating to your accident.

Once we have received that response we will consider this with you.

You may also have to go for a medical examination for your claim:

We will collect copies of your medical records and then send them onto an independent medical expert, the specialism depending on your injury and recovery, who will prepare a medical report.

The medical report will provide us with all of the information we need to enable us to assess the appropriate amount of compensation and also assist negotiations with your opponent.