has secured compensation for a man injured in an horrific accident at work on 31 July 2012.

PI Support has secured compensation for a man injured in a horrific accident at work on 31 July 2012.

Mr Hood was working as a car transporter for a repair company. On 31 July 2012 Mr Hood was instructed to recover a fire damaged vehicle from commercial premises. In order to do so, he was required to use the powered winch on the car transporter. He had not used the winch in several months and had received no training in the operation of the winch.

Mr Hood held the hook of the winch with his right hand intending to guide the hook over the body of the car transporter as was the normal practice. He pressed the “out” button on the winch controller. The winch suddenly wound inwards, pulling the claimant’s hand and the hook through two rollers, causing him significant injury to his right dominant index finger.

Mr Hood complained that the winch was defective and should not have been in operation.

The Defendant denied that the winch was defective throughout the lengthy court proceedings. However Mr Hood argued that the winch had been taken to a repair company who had inspected the winch and found it was going in when it should have been going out. The insurers initially made no mention of this and denied that a fault had ever been found with the winch despite strong witness evidence from Mr Hood’s helpful witnesses.

Mr Hood suffered a massive crushing injury to his right dominant index finger which required surgery. Mr Hood was unable to return to his previous job and after a lengthy absence from work due to his injuries he found suitable alternative employment.

PI Support secured £20,000 in settlement for Mr Hood.

Mr Hood said “Without  the  professionalism and availability of PI Support  I  would   have  had  no  way  of  taking  an  unscrupulous  employer  to  task. I have been left with partial use of my right hand which I will have to live with for the rest of my life. The branch manager of employer  tried  to  cover  up  my  accident  and  without  PI  Support he may well have succeeded

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